Work Hard, Play Harder

Everyone who works in a multi-cultural environment knows how enriching the experience is despite the increased risk of misunderstanding. And all those managing multi-cultural teams know that with the┬árecruitment of people from diverse backgrounds who bring unique set of culturally-derived characteristics, skills, attitudes, and behaviours to the (pool) table, come things like an increased number … Continue reading Work Hard, Play Harder

Pop-up, pull-out, peak-in, stand-up picture books

As teachers we need to continually work on our creative skills and constantly strive towards introducing kids to things that surprise, amaze, inspire, or tickle their curiosity. But how do we know what grabs children's attention and teases their imagination? The effect of some things is quite predictable - such as the construction of a … Continue reading Pop-up, pull-out, peak-in, stand-up picture books

Design Thinking, Language Learning and the Power of Giving

Design thinking activities are a powerful tool for engaging students and developing their creativity and communication skills. The real value lies in the interactivity and authenticity of the experience. The content of the learning is genuinely supplied by the students in the room in the form of their impressions, memories, experiences, ideas, opinions and feelings. … Continue reading Design Thinking, Language Learning and the Power of Giving

The End of One, Beginning of Another Era

English Language Crisis This year Japan welcomed a new era in its history. From Heisei to Reiwa, as it stepped into the new era, Japan started preparing for a big change, from politics to education, from technology to business. The strategy plan "Japan Vision 2020 highlights "Strengthening foreign language communication"┬╣ as the key element for … Continue reading The End of One, Beginning of Another Era

Marketing an English-language institution

To promote an English language institution, we need to get to the core of why people in a certain geographic region learn English as a foreign language. Why do parents enroll their kids in English courses? Why do youngsters bother learning English? Back in the days, I started learning English at the age of 10 … Continue reading Marketing an English-language institution

Take your English language lessons beyond the classroom

In light of the worldwide importance and acceptance of the English language, it is necessary for a learner of English as a second language to acquire strong communication skills. Therefore, it is a challenge for an English language teacher to help students learn to communicate in English within the confines of the classroom. In a … Continue reading Take your English language lessons beyond the classroom

What Does It Take to Be a Japanese?

The purpose of this post is multifold and I encourage you to look at it as if it was an origami model. Well-aware of the fact that Japan and its people are one-of-a-kind in so many ways, I find it virtually impossible to draw a definitive conclusion on why things are the way they are … Continue reading What Does It Take to Be a Japanese?

Kindergarten Leaflet Design

I am glad that I could contribute to the design and development of MY Kindergarten's next leaflet. The design is simple and draws the attention to what makes MY Kindergarten stand out, namely its immersive English-language environment. It is meant to get across the message that MY Kindergarten prides itself on being the first institution … Continue reading Kindergarten Leaflet Design