‘A Year in Perspective’ Training

While I was planning for the year-end reflection training, I was reading the book The Art of Coaching Teams: Building Resilient Communities That Transform Schools by Elena Aguilar. The book is a great source of team-building ideas and it did help inform some of the activities for the training I planned and implemented. I recommend … Continue reading ‘A Year in Perspective’ Training

The Japanese Way of Educating Children

“A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.” Yesterday, as part of my professional development, I had the privilege of visiting the kindergarten associated with Tohoku Bunkyo University - … Continue reading The Japanese Way of Educating Children

The Tricks of How to Use Halloween to Your Marketing Advantage

As most other Western holidays, after its export to Japan, Halloween has become highly commercialized. Known for costumes and candies, it is the second-largest commercial holiday, with Christmas being the first. Apart from driving sales for candy and costume manufacturers, Halloween can be used to the marketing advantage of virtually any type of business - … Continue reading The Tricks of How to Use Halloween to Your Marketing Advantage

Marketing an English-language institution

To promote an English language institution, we need to get to the core of why people in a certain geographic region learn English as a foreign language. Why do parents enroll their kids in English courses? Why do youngsters bother learning English? Back in the days, I started learning English at the age of 10 … Continue reading Marketing an English-language institution

What Does It Take to Be a Japanese?

The purpose of this post is multifold and I encourage you to look at it as if it was an origami model. Well-aware of the fact that Japan and its people are one-of-a-kind in so many ways, I find it virtually impossible to draw a definitive conclusion on why things are the way they are … Continue reading What Does It Take to Be a Japanese?

Is English Language Immersion Right for your Child?

The book "Japan: A Guide to Traditions, Customs, and Etiquette" reveals what makes the Japanese Japanese and what sets them apart. The revelation about the distinctiveness of Japanese culture literally threw me into a deep contemplation. I ventured on a deliberate interrogation of my teaching practices and my role as a home-room teacher of 16 Japanese kids. … Continue reading Is English Language Immersion Right for your Child?

Effective English Teaching Methods

Whereas the previous blog post explored the overall role of the English language teacher, in terms of developing the cognitive, emotional, and social skills of pupils, in this post I am going to narrow the focus and cover the teacher's role pertaining to the development of the linguistic capabilities of students through the use of … Continue reading Effective English Teaching Methods