Stimulate Curiosity and Promote Exploration: the World of Circles and Holes

What surprises kids? What astonishes them and leaves them with eyes wide open and jaws dropped? Kids are amazed by the things we, the grown-ups, take for granted - bugs, scars, holes, small objects like buttons, marbles or bolts that might fill in some empty space. As if all the life's wisdom can be found … Continue reading Stimulate Curiosity and Promote Exploration: the World of Circles and Holes

Practices of Wonder, Curiosity, and Creativity

The following set of activities is part of our monthly theme on planting, growing, harvesting, and eating fruits and vegetables. Overall, we attend to, observe, talk about, and try to understand nature and the changes that occur during summer time. Our cherry picking school field-trip is the ultimate reward and we were all looking forward … Continue reading Practices of Wonder, Curiosity, and Creativity

Kindergarten Leaflet Design

I am glad that I could contribute to the design and development of MY Kindergarten's next leaflet. The design is simple and draws the attention to what makes MY Kindergarten stand out, namely its immersive English-language environment. It is meant to get across the message that MY Kindergarten prides itself on being the first institution … Continue reading Kindergarten Leaflet Design

The Power of Yoga

At MY Kindergarten our morning Yoga routine helps us learn English words and phrases in a thoroughly immersive way. Kids learn new words by experiencing first-hand how plants grow, leaves and branches move in the wind, butterflies fly, the rain falls down, bridges stand, rocks lie on the ground, and so on. In the process … Continue reading The Power of Yoga

Immerse and Provoke

If you are a language teacher/principal who has just embarked on a journey towards implementing some elements of immersive learning into your class program/school curriculum, this blog post may help you sort out your priorities in terms of planning and conducting the language lessons. The earliest stage of the immersive language learning method can be … Continue reading Immerse and Provoke

Teaching English in Southeast Asia: Challenges

Challenge #1: Use of Target Language One of the major challenges the English language teacher may face is the reluctance of students to use the target language as a means of communication when they are expected to do so. For example, when asked a question in English, early learners in particular, who have already undergone … Continue reading Teaching English in Southeast Asia: Challenges