Our Most Treasured Memories

Our last Show and Tell was about everyone’s most treasured memories. As a warm up, in our third semester we formed teams according to the class each one of us enjoyed the most – Caterpillars, Ladybugs, Honeybees, or Butterflies. We made posters reminiscing the things we have done in the course of the past three years. Following every end-of-year performance and major class activity, I was in the habit of compiling photographs and making albums or photo books. With a rich collection of artifacts it was easy to remember the highlights of every academic year.

Less than half of the kids started from the very beginning so the ‘Caterpillars’ group easily got filled in. More so, these are the students who have been together for the longest time and share the deepest memories – they have witnessed the transitioning toward a bigger class.

Kids took the time at home to discuss the topic with their parents and to prepare their presentations.

Naturally, what kids presented in their Show and Tell was fed into their graduation speeches.

We also made some before and after photos to remind ourselves how much we have changed.

The making of before and after photographs.

Compiling our artwork, recollecting our moments, and binding the memories together brought back some nostalgia. We are ready to fly out.

Looking back at the very last of our show and tell activities , I come to understand the power of photography to freeze moments in time. We should, however, avoid overly relying on the ability of photographs to convey the story and the message. Through communication we need to master the art of painting the picture.

The main takeaway is that whatever you do, especially over an extended period of time, document the process through photographs and notes. Give your shared experiences a tangible form and use the artifacts to recollect the memories, make observations, and draw conclusions.

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