Celebrating Our Friendship

More than two years have passed since the day we first met and a couple of more months separate us from the end of our journey. In our final year together, we formed the habit of setting aside some time at the end of each month to look at pictures, dating back to the same period last year and the year before. While reminiscing the fun times, we laugh wholeheartedly at the way all of us used to look and act.

With particular ease, the topic of our lessons transitioned from caring for plants onto taking care of our friends and nurturing our friendships. While we are still at a safe distance from the moment of parting, the innocent act of looking back at the time we have shared fuels our desire to treat each other with greater respect and kindness in the upcoming months. It allows us to be mindful of the fact that our time together will soon come to an end and that now is the time to enjoy one another’s company.

By documenting the learning journey of kids through photographs, educators tap into the profound potential of photography to transform the past into an object of affection (Kaufhold, 1996). Looking at old photographs, kids remember and re-experience past events. This process of recollecting shared experiences not only helps children exercise their cognitive skills but it also consolidates their memories. What’s more, it helps educators see which activities have had a deep, positive impact on students’ lives. The words “Oh, I remember this!” truly shed some light on the effectiveness of some versus other activities.

The importance of being kind to others

A friend is someone…

You can count on me like 1, 2, 3…

The song “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars serves as a reminder to help our friends when they are in need. In addition to that, I elaborated on the meaning of the song by introducing the idea of counting from one to three before we react or utter a word if we feel upset with a friend.

The topic of our Sharing sessions was centered on “Building and Nurturing Relationships.” Kids shared stories about their friends both overseas and in the country. We came to realize that the place we live in defines our interests and likes.

Some of the most simple questions, such as “Why did you play with him?” generated one of the most profound realization about the power of communication. The answer “Because he said ‘May we play together, please?’ exemplifies how positive social behavior in the form of polite language can bring about the desired result.

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