Pop-up, pull-out, peak-in, stand-up picture books


As teachers we need to continually work on our creative skills and constantly strive towards introducing kids to things that surprise, amaze, inspire, or tickle their curiosity. But how do we know what grabs children’s attention and teases their imagination? The effect of some things is quite predictable – such as the construction of a 2.5 m tall cardboard piece representing the shadow of 5 animals standing on each other’s backs.

This year, we focused our final performance on the story of The Bremen Town Musicians. Inspired by our rehearsals and the making of our props, kids came up with amazing ideas when assigned with the task of creating interactive, movable picture-books about the story. Children’s impressions and interpretations materialized through the re- creation of the story in a new book format. From there, teachers can gain insight into what has left a mark in their memory.

The stackable picture book

The stand-up picture book

The Pull-Out Book: Pull out a page of the storybook from the box and attach it to the straw. The pages naturally come to life.

Link to our lovely enactment of the story Musicians of Bremen.

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