Reviving Post Covid-19 Tourism

In these turbulent times, the government of Japan is equally concerned about containing the virus while reviving the economy. Yet, offering domestic travel incentives to boost consumer spending in times of pandemic inevitably leads to confusion and counterproductive results. It's like trying to entice the fish to come out from the corals at the time … Continue reading Reviving Post Covid-19 Tourism

The childhood lessons that saved our lives in the face of the pandemics

¬† Part of my most recent training was dedicated to the cross-disciplinary sharing of knowledge among fellow teachers. Through role-play activities and games, English teachers introduce, demonstrate, and rationalize the methods of teaching they adopt. They let their Japanese co-workers experience for themselves the effectiveness of learner-centered instruction and the way they help students build … Continue reading The childhood lessons that saved our lives in the face of the pandemics

The paradox of Social-Distancing among kids

Most would agree that the social-distancing policy, brought about as a result of the spreading coronavirus, has indeed had a 'counterproductive' effect. Whether being on lockdown or highly encouraged to stay at home and practice social distancing when going out into the public, people started re-connecting with relatives and friends. In isolation and self-restriction, in … Continue reading The paradox of Social-Distancing among kids

Covid-19 and the Comeback of Nature: On Transitions and Transformations

Bridge and the idea of one continuous plan After finishing up one content area and preparing to move onto the next one, we are facing a pathway of possibilities.¬†Bridging the gap between one lesson and the next, between one unit and the next, even between one situation and another, not only helps keep the students’ … Continue reading On Transitions and Transformations: Covid-19 and the Comeback of Nature

How Covid-19 fast forwarded us into the future

The World of Work As mentioned in my previous post, during the first month of the school year I took my students on a voyage of self-discovery. With it, I implicitly communicate the importance of learning taking place beyond the boundaries of the classroom and the school building. In our attempt to let students take … Continue reading How Covid-19 fast forwarded us into the future

Working Towards Unity

In my strive to bring all four kindergarten classes under the same umbrella, I developed a comprehensive and culturally specific, plan of monthly themes and activities with the appropriate social focus. With an overarching monthly theme, the lessons of every individual class branch out into their own specific direction, thus allowing students to dig deeper … Continue reading Working Towards Unity

Pop-up, pull-out, peak-in, stand-up picture books

As teachers we need to continually work on our creative skills and constantly strive towards introducing kids to things that surprise, amaze, inspire, or tickle their curiosity. But how do we know what grabs children's attention and teases their imagination? The effect of some things is quite predictable - such as the construction of a … Continue reading Pop-up, pull-out, peak-in, stand-up picture books

Design Thinking, Language Learning and the Power of Giving

Design thinking activities are a powerful tool for engaging students and developing their creativity and communication skills. The real value lies in the interactivity and authenticity of the experience. The content of the learning is genuinely supplied by the students in the room in the form of their impressions, memories, experiences, ideas, opinions and feelings. … Continue reading Design Thinking, Language Learning and the Power of Giving

Our Nice, Nice Christmas

Christmas Puzzle Our year culminated with a garland of fun Christmas activities. Even in Japan, Christmas is filled with excitement and anticipation of the time spent with one's family and friends. Building upon this sense of community, for the most part, we worked collaboratively while celebrating our individual strengths and tightening our bonds the way … Continue reading Our Nice, Nice Christmas