First Steps in Coding: Going on a field-trip

The very first code I crafted can help educators (and even event-organizers) coordinate an outing/event for a group of people. The code automatically assigns the person to the relevant group and its respective activity according to the age of the person (the criteria can be adapted and instead of age, any other variable can be … Continue reading First Steps in Coding: Going on a field-trip

Gaining insights through Data Visualization

The end of the school year is a time to pause, gather data, gain insights, reflect, and act. As the slogan of MAP Growth goes: We need to "See their needs. Close the gaps. Help them grow." The Measure of Academic Progress is used to measure every single student's progress or growth in Reading and … Continue reading Gaining insights through Data Visualization

How can data analysis inform our lesson planning

Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, teaching calls for extensive observation and the gathering of data, facts, and information. Quantifying and analyzing student-related data allows us to plan our lessons according to the way our students learn best. As an educator, you might have already learned the single most important thing when planning … Continue reading How can data analysis inform our lesson planning

Collaborative learning: fostering positive interdependence

As a general aspect of my teaching practice, I group the students in the class into teams and let them work within the same team for one semester. The idea is to put together kids with various abilities, needs, and temperaments in an effort to encourage and support their collaborative learning through interaction and interdependence. … Continue reading Collaborative learning: fostering positive interdependence

Our Most Treasured Memories

Our last Show and Tell was about everyone's most treasured memories. As a warm up, in our third semester we formed teams according to the class each one of us enjoyed the most - Caterpillars, Ladybugs, Honeybees, or Butterflies. We made posters reminiscing the things we have done in the course of the past three … Continue reading Our Most Treasured Memories

‘A Year in Perspective’ Training

While I was planning for the year-end reflection training, I was reading the book The Art of Coaching Teams: Building Resilient Communities That Transform Schools by Elena Aguilar. The book is a great source of team-building ideas and it did help inform some of the activities for the training I planned and implemented. I recommend … Continue reading ‘A Year in Perspective’ Training

Recipe for successful preschool recital

What goes in an enjoyable, for both students and teachers, pre-school recital? What are some of the things you need to give prominence to when planning for and practicing your school play? Through some bitter-sweet trial and error, I concocted the 'successful preschool recital' meal. For the most part, every recital is a function of … Continue reading Recipe for successful preschool recital

Teaching philosophy and teaching interests

as of 2020 My teaching philosophy showcases what my aspirations, values, beliefs, and objectives are as a teacher and mentor. It gives me direction not only when I enter the classroom but also when I interact with learners in an informal setting. It is in a state of constant transformation as it goes through regular … Continue reading Teaching philosophy and teaching interests

Cultural Work Hacks

Culture invariably impacts our work. Deeply ingrained cultural practices translate into work habits. As Erin Meyer mentions in her book The Culture Map: "Cultural patterns of behavior and belief frequently impact our perceptions, cognitions, and actions." Whether because Japanese are taught to value hard work and self-sufficiency or due to the high living standard of … Continue reading Cultural Work Hacks

Work Hard, Play Harder

Everyone who works in a multi-cultural environment knows how enriching the experience is despite the increased risk of misunderstanding. And all those managing multi-cultural teams know that with the┬árecruitment of people from diverse backgrounds who bring unique set of culturally-derived characteristics, skills, attitudes, and behaviours to the (pool) table, come things like an increased number … Continue reading Work Hard, Play Harder